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We do comprehensive care for adults and geriatric patients; focusing on prevention, education, and active patient participation. Our providers take the time to explain the patient's medical condition and it's treatments, as well as being open to any questions a patient might have regarding health and medical conditions. We are part of a huge network of excellent specialists in the area for comprehensive care. 

Home Nurse Examining Patient


We specialize in the care of seniors with an emphasis on the maintenance of state of health, preventive medicine, palliative medicine, and end of lifespan care. Dr. Lara and his staff make an effort to help improve the quality of life of our patients and is associated with multiple specialists for the care of the geriatric population.

Doctor and Patient
Internal Medicine


Dr. Lara and his staff help provide long-term, comprehensive care and management for a number diseases, both common and complex.  

Wrist Brace
Pain Management


Pain is a common complaint in our daily lives and in many occasions, home remedies and medications aren't enough. Dr. Lara provides pain management, targeting the source of the pain and is part of a group that has a pain clinic for proper pain management. We also provide other alternative treatments for pain management such as holistic approaches in conjunction with diet and weight management.

Nurse Making Notes
Chronic Conditions


Living with chronic conditions and their symptoms can be difficult, especially as we age so it's our goal to assist our patients with proper treatment and preventative measures. Dr. Lara and staff are trained to help patients with a number of chronic conditions such as: diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, and much more.

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